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Kagiso Trust

After 30 years of achievement, Kagiso Trust is re-dedicating itself to the challenge of overcoming poverty and inequality. As this exciting, new chapter of our future dawns we will pursue our vision of creating a prosperous, peaceful, equitable and just society.  To achieve this we are focused on implementing four strategic goals.

We are deepening our commitment to Education by expanding and extending the impact of our programmes. We are replicating our successful education models and will step up the change we want to see in our schools.  We will open up more opportunities to university students needing bursaries and non-financial support. We will look at how we can inspire our school learners to become entrepreneurs and increase their technical skills.

Through Socio-Economic Development, we will invest and grow sustainable businesses.  We will support enterprises by ensuring they have access to money and markets. We will back black entrepreneurs and contribute to the prosperity of our communities.

We will also work closely with civil society, NGOs and local governments for Institutional Capacity Development in order enhance service delivery, efficiencies and increase their impact. We will use our knowledge, experience and skills to support social change and continue to stand on our own two feet as we grow the Trust’s asset base for sustainable programme spend.

To ensure financial sustainability, we will grow the Trust’s asset base so as continuously fund our own programmes.  We will optimally balance our programmatic expenditure plan with our ability to grow our investments as well as ensure optimal financial return on investment, along with a track of social return on investment.

To achieve our goals we will work together with like-minded partners. We will build innovative and scalable models.  We will let our values guide us in everything we do. We will be accountable for our actions. We will operate with integrity in everything we do. We will foster a burning passion for development and continue to believe in a bottom-up approach.

We have 30 years of hard-won knowledge and expertise behind us. We have lived up to our promise of creating successful schools and businesses. Now is the time to build on this knowledge. To intensify our efforts. To push forward with renewed strength and vitality. Now is the time to overcome poverty.

This is Kagiso Trust and this is how we will take the vision into the future.


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