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As We Wrap Up 2016

Kagiso Trust

As we wrap up 2016, we are excited to look back on the journey that we have travelled and pursued as an organisation.

We are proud of the path we have travelled and the achievements we have witnessed to date:

  • Our Beyers Naudé Schools Development  Programme has seen over 200,000 learners benefit, 430 schools participating and an average matric pass rate of over 85{48e0b5a3b794481190ad31c3810e457fc616f4313203886b242d01fbf54279bd}, as well as an investment of over R250 million into the programme.
  • The Kagiso Enterprises Rural Private Equity Fund has invested over R50 million in small to medium sized businesses, in pursuit of encouraging entrepreneurship in the fight against unemployment and youth poverty.  11 companies have been funded with over 3,100 jobs created.
  • Our Eric Molobi Scholarship Programme has invested over R17 million as part of supporting deserving students to pursue tertiary studies, with over 130 students supported by the programme.

We have 30 years’ of experience as well as results in development as part of overcoming poverty. Our Board of Trustees moral leadership quality drives our organisation.  We pride ourselves on transparent reporting, clean audits and mechanisms in place to ensure funds are channelled without corruption.  We can demonstrate impact through our measurement and evaluation processes.  We have the know how to work with government partners and are constantly innovating as we develop and use our own investment dividends to fund our programmes, which means we have a vested interest in the outcome.

Our New Journey

As we take the organisation forward, KT’s new journey has seen the formation of five strategic pillars in the fight to overcome poverty and create a prosperous, peaceful and equitable society.  That is:

  • Education,
  • Socio-Economic Development,
  • Institutional Capacity Building,
  • Sustainable Funding, and
  • Special Projects.

2016 has also seen the organisation revitalise its brand identity which will take us forward into the next 30 years.

Going Forward

Going forward, we want to scale and increase our impact and programmes.  We cannot do this alone and are actively seeking out new partnerships with the private, NGO and public sectors.  We know partnerships in development take work and time but we are looking for partnerships that have development objectives which are aligned and specific.  We are looking for partners that share our values and vision. We are looking for partners where performance management is a key focus to delivery in that each party demonstrates accountability for their actions and takes ownership of the delivery of objectives and targets.  More importantly, we are looking for partners who take a long-term view on development.

As we set our sight on 2017, we will continue to aim to be leaders in the NGO sector – setting professional standards.  We are a family, and in the face of poverty we will make sure we seek out the light and enjoyment of working in this sector.  We love what we do and promise transparency, action, delivery and measurable results for our programmes and would like to invite you to join us in the fight to overcome poverty.

Nontando Mthethwa
KT Communications and Marketing Head


  1. Duncan Mnisi says

    keep up the great work guys! I believe if you meet your objectives in your first three pillars, we can reshape our society from the grassroots level up.

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