Socio-economic Development

The Socio-Economic Development (SED) programme invests in and promotes small black businesses in the agriculture and property sector

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create positive change and help develop financially sustainable SMEs by working with black-led businesses. To date, we have created 4 257 jobs, funded 16 different companies and invested over R80 million in businesses since 2002. We also put our weight behind initiatives that support entrepreneurs and we have become an active advocate for socio-economic transformation

  • Enterprise development is the catalyst to broad socio-economic transformation and leads to the development of commercially sustainable SMEs
  • Enterprise development allows for focus on selected sectors and to develop new supply chains or improve the integration of existing ones
  • Building strategic relationships to gather resources and integrate SMEs into the broad business ecosystem
Tyala Impact Fund

Appropriate funding has proven to be one of the major challenges faced by farmers. It is the goal of the SED to establish a holistic solution for emerging black farmers through collaboration with aligned partners. The Tyala Impact Fund was established to provide solutions for farmers on essentials including funding, market access and technical support.

Business Hub  

The business development hub will provide holistic support to black entrepreneurs in the property sector. The hub will also provide optimal conditions for entrepreneurs to flourish and accelerate the growth of their businesses. KT hopes to develop a resource centre that will cater to entrepreneurs’ needs pertaining to professional workspaces and essential amenities to help with conducting business.

PROPreneurX: The Property Entrepreneur Accelerator

A lack of skills has been identified as one of the major impediments in the transformation of the property sector. As such, SED’s strategy is to develop and implement an impactful and fit-for-purpose property growth accelerator programme. The focus will be on investing in the development of skills and capabilities of black entrepreneurs in the property sector value chain.

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Informal/ Alternative Markets
  • The programme aims to create supplier-vendor linkages between developing farmers and informal or alternative markets.
Agriculture Academy
  • The SED Agri Academy seeks to develop and prepare a new generation of emerging black farmers or agripreneurs. By preparing and supporting individuals for a sustainable farming career, and providing a solid foundation of academic knowledge and practical experience, we enable them to become independent providers for themselves and their communities. The Academy will also focus on identifying other opportunities in the Agri field as well as farming, including other career and business opportunities in the agriculture sector.

Disclaimer: The information provided on the Informal/Alternative Markets, Business Hub and Agriculture Academy do not necessarily reflect the current phase of the SED strategy,
and is contained herein for information purposes.