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Translating SA’s Vision for Education into Reality

The Department of Basic Education schooling vision 2030 captures how government would like to see South Africa’s education by 2030.

According to the National Development Plan “By 2030, the schooling system is characterised by learners and teachers who are highly motivated; principals are effective managers  who provide administrative and curriculum leadership; parents are involved in the schools their children attend; where schools are accountable to parents; committed and professional teachers have good knowledge of the subjects they teach; schools and teachers are supported by knowledgeable district officials; the administration of education (including appointment and disciplining of teachers) is the preserve of government with the unions  ensuring that proper procedures are followed; learning materials are readily available; basic infrastructure requirements are met across the board, and high speed broadband is available to support learning.”

South Africa’s education has come a long way since 1994 bringing access to schooling to all children. However, 23 years into our democracy there are still many challenges that still face the education system. These include mud schools and farm schools in rural areas, late delivery of textbooks and learning material, rural area teacher migration to urban areas, basic infrastructure backlog, low learner motivation, minimal parental or guardian involvement and other socioeconomic dynamics such as affordability of sanitary towels for the girl child, teenage pregnancy, nutrition and food.  Government alone cannot overcome these challenges and there needs to be a collaborative approach developed where government provides an enabling environment through policy and legislation where all sectors of society partner to achieve Vision 2030.

These are some of the challenges that will be discussed at the Kagiso Trust Education Conversations in partnership with the University of Johannesburg’s Faculty of Education.  The primary objective of these conversations is to engage in debate and knowledge exchange by providing practical solutions to challenges in education which can be tabled to the Department of Basic Education for consideration as well as integration into Kagiso Trust’s Education Development Programmes.

University of Johannesburg (UJ) students, together with the public at large, have submitted their visions for South African education which will be published in a limited edition booklet available at the event.

Television and radio presenter, Masechaba Ndlovu will facilitate the conversation which will include the Deputy Minister of the Department of Basic Education Mr Enver Surty as the keynote speaker.

Event details

Date: 25th July 2017

Time: 15:00 to 17:00

Venue:  University of Johannesburg, Soweto Campus Library

Keynote speaker: Mr Enver Surty, Department of Basic Education Deputy Minister

Facilitated by:  Masechaba Ndlovu

RSVP:  Chulekazi Charlie ccharlie@kagiso.co.za


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