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Honouring OR Tambo’s Legacy

In 1980, as the African National Congress (ANC) celebrated its 68th anniversary, Oliver Reginald Tambo addressed the congregation:

“The need for the unity of the patriotic and democratic forces of our country has never been greater than it is today… Our unity has to be based on honesty among ourselves, the courage to face reality, adherence to what has been agreed upon, to principle.”

OR Tambo’s words are just as relevant as they were then and are applicable to Kagiso Trust and South Africa as a whole. Unity speaks to a group’s shared vision and mission and a strong leader with unwavering integrity at the helm. As Kagiso Trust we entrust our Board of Trustees with the responsibility to lead us to the realisation of our vision of a prosperous, peaceful, equitable and just society. Equally, we entrust our employees with the responsibility to deliver on our mission and contribute to development through sustainable funding, with like-minded partnerships and innovative scalable development models. Integral to these responsibilities is what OR Tambo stood for: unity and integrity. He urged us to be honest among ourselves, no matter how difficult; courageous as we face the realities of our context and purpose; and adhere to our mandates to principle, which for Kagiso Trust is overcoming poverty while upholding our values.

Kagiso Trust has long realised that unity is power. This is why, 31 years since our inception, we are still proactively forging and encouraging partnerships and collaborations. As a united organisation, Kagiso Trust is confident that our vision will be realised and South Africa will see poverty become a thing of the past.

As South Africa and the world celebrate what would have been OR Tambo’s 100th birthday this year, let us hold fast to the values he passed down to us and dedicated his life to fulfilling.


UbunguMkhonto weSizwe, iQhawe lama Qhawe.

Kagiso Trust salutes you, Oliver Reginald Kaizana Tambo.


Mankodi Moitse

Kagiso Trust Chief Executive Officer


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