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Mandela Day Speech: Takalani Home for the Mentally Handicapped

Mandela Day Speech:

Takalani Home for the Mentally Handicapped | 18 July 2018

Delivered by Kagiso Trust CEO Mankodi Moitse

Sanibonani, Dumelang.

We are honoured to be here at Takalani today. Taking the tour this morning has been an eye opener for all of us.

Kagiso Trust’s vision is to contribute towards a prosperous, peaceful, equitable and just society. We are currently running the Heart of Gold campaign which urges all sectors to show their Hearts of Gold through acts of goodwill. Our programmes are all geared at making that positive change in society and, more often than not, our employees demonstrate their Heart of Gold by going above their call of duty as we work to overcome poverty.

As such, every day is Mandela Day for us at KT. Today, however, is special. It is special because we get to place the spotlight on amazing individuals who have demonstrated their Hearts of Gold, through thick and thin. We are aware of the great strain that Takalani has been through.

So to you, employees and volunteers of Takalani, we celebrate you. No one can undermine the amount of patience, will and love it takes to care for other people. Thank you for showing your Hearts of Gold; may you continue to do so.

Making South Africa a better country is not something anyone can do alone. We cannot do it alone. When SALGA approached us to partner for this year’s Mandela Day, we appreciated it. We are strong believer in the strength of partnerships: working together for greater impact. As I stand here today and see so many of our colleagues who have given of their time to be here, I am humbled.

I hope you all realise the power of working together to accomplish even those things that some say are impossible. There are many people in need of help and we can start by doing what we can. As we have done today. Having a Heart of Gold is just that: doing what you can to help those less fortunate.

In closing, I thank the staff of Takalani for preserving the dignity of its residents. We all deserve to be treated well and have our basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter taken care of. To the KT Family and SALGANS, thank you for digging into your wallets and cupboards; the donations you have made are appreciated. I hope this will not be a once-off exercise. Let’s make every day Mandela Day.

Thank you.




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