Local Government Support

Our local government solution aims to provide municipalities with the ability to use different sets of data as a tool to improve the overall functionality of municipalities, which will inevitably benefit the indigent of our communities.

The Kagiso Data Optimization System (K’DOS) assists municipalities in validating municipal customer data through an online web interface. The K’DOS tool provides indigent and revenue management staff with access to integrated customer data that allows them to better profile customers and deal with them appropriately. The tool allows municipalities to:

Purify Customer and Property Data Bases: Trace customers, purify the customer data, resolve debt, implement effective customer management, improve revenue.

Individual Customer Query: Validate ID numbers, validate names, establish deceased status, validate customer contact numbers and email addresses.

Company Query: Validate registered company data, establish company business status (liquidation, deregistration), access contact number for companies, access director information.

Our K’DOS tool is customer-centric, builds capacity through skills transfer and provides scalable revenue management approaches.

Ongoing access to meaningful K’DOS data and a prudent data management strategy will ensure that municipalities have the ability to continually maintain their customer data and continue to improve their billing integrity and revenue collection.

Financial benefits of effective revenue management:

  • Accurate customer database
  • Accurate billing
  • Accurate Indigent register
  • Improved income
  • Debt reduction
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Efficient and sustainable service delivery