Kagiso Trust Bursary Programme

In line with Kagiso Trust’s mandate of overcoming poverty and creating social impact, the Alumni Network was launched. The aim is for recipients to add value to society through leadership and by becoming economically active participants, as well as acting as change agents in their families and communities.

The Alumni Network is constituted by Kagiso Trust’s bursary Alumni and Eric Molobi Scholarship Programme (EMSP) graduates. It is envisaged that the Network will serve as a platform for the Alumni to influence as well as add to the experience of prospective and current EMSP learners. By so doing, the platform will create an opportunity for KT to contribute towards the development of industry networks and will help foster mutually beneficial relationships between graduates and the larger Kagiso Trust ecosystem.

Moreover, as a member of the Alumni Network, graduates will be able to participate as mentors to current learners so as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modelling the values and character of an EMSP learners. Furthermore, by acting as mentors, the Alumni will assist students with exploring careers, setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources for their growth journey.

It is envisaged that the Alumni Network will comprise of four streams.   

Community: Build and strengthen a community of learners who are socially conscious and work collaboratively in the supporting the realisation of the vision of the Eric Molobi Scholarship Programme, which seeks to create a viable, vibrant network of young leaders.  KT will facilitate and support the interaction of the community by hosting connect sessions, as well as other engagement initiatives aimed at building communities.

Leadership: Nurture and inculcate the Trust’s values in learners as part of cultivating them to pursue a journey of purpose as vibrant young leaders. This initiative will be implemented through coaching, leadership tours, exchange programmes in addition to dialogue sessions.

Pay It Forward: Educate and enable the Alumni Network community about making a difference by creating a ripple effect of kindness by paying it forward. In addition, the Pay It Forward initiative is a movement towards individual and social change, making a difference by turning barriers into positive life lessons to be shared within the network. As such, the Alumni Network will be encouraged to donate either their time or funds for the development of those who will benefit from the EMSP in future as part of the fight against poverty.

Mentorship: Help empower EMSP Alumni as young leaders who create a social impact. The initiative will provide a platform for alumni to share their knowledge by pairing with EMSP undergraduates to mentor them, provide career advice and help leverage workplace opportunities. Engagements between the mentors and mentees will be facilitated by Kagiso Trust through mentor consultation sessions.

As we embark on a journey to create the Kagiso Trust Alumni Network database, we invite current and previous beneficiaries to join us on this journey and register to be a part of this Network here.