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Introducing 10 Fold Education

Reverend Frank Chikane and Hylton Applebaum

Using technology to help learners excel

Kagiso Capital and the Mindset Network recently launched 10 Fold Education (10 Fold) with the aim of bridging the gap between the education system as it exists today and the future we are preparing learners for. 10 Fold is available to learners as an application (app) which can be downloaded on their smartphones and for those seeking extra assistance, lessons are offered at the colourful and engaging 10 Fold Learning Centre in Randburg.

As the Department of Basic Education and education sector as a whole embrace ICT, 10 Fold enables learners to build on what they learn at school and address obstacles as they encounter them, using a digital platform.

Targeted at high school learners, the app combines video tutoring and assessments that provide an effective learning platform for learners on their mobile devices. The extra lessons available at the Learning Centre in Randburg offers an immersive experience that teaches learners while they interact and collaborate with each other.


10 Fold Education Offering
The App The Learning Centre
Maths and Science Live shows and seminars
Grade 11 and 12 Facilitated extra lessons
App available of Andriod, iOS coming soon Coding and robotics


Affordability of the app, at less than R50/m subscription fee, ensures accessibility to more learners. It’s collaborative and blended learning approach introduces new learning techniques, environments and methods while ensuring learners have the knowledge they need to excel at school.


Education Legacy

10 Fold in a joint venture with the investment company, Kagiso Capital and the Mindset Network. Kagiso Capital is wholly owned by Kagiso Trust, one of South Africa’s oldest black-led development agencies whose 30 years’ experience in the education development space has led to successful implementation of replicable and sustainable models in rural South Africa. Mindset is an education NPO that has spent 20 years developing and broadcasting education programming throughout Africa. It was created to take advantage of the advancements in technology and extend the reach and effectiveness of education support in South Africa and the rest of the continent.


Read more: https://www.10fold.net/


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