Education Development Trust Bursary

“Education is the responsibility for all within society, and all must bear the burden to empower the next generation through education” – Beyers Naudé

Kagiso Trust works with government and partner organisations to tackle critical problems in education. Over the last 30 years, we have developed proven models in education that have delivered long-lasting results for our learners. We invest heavily in education programmes throughout the entire education pipeline to increase learner throughput.

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Our Approach

  • Interventions in life capabilities earlier in life have the greatest opportunity to impact on poverty alleviation and future prospects.
  • Structured education programmes have the highest impact and greatest sustainability on eradicating poverty.
  • Learner assistance needs to include a broader understanding of exit opportunities beyond university to include technical training and entrepreneurship.

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

While implementing our District Whole Schools Development Programme (DWSDP), one of the lessons learned included the identification of cumulative gaps amongst our learners. Our interventions need to start at Early Childhood Development (ECD) phase through coordination to ensure that all the learning outcomes, class appropriate competencies and early childhood cognitive development is built early. By making the investment in ECD, we are more likely to observe long-term economic impact and benefit when learners reach foundation phase in the education pipeline.

Beyers Naude Schools Development Programme

In 2004 Kagiso Trust implemented its pilot of the Beyers Naude Schools Development Programme (BNSDP) in the Vhembe district in Limpopo. In 2007 the program was extended to 10 schools in the Free State’s Thabo Mofutsanyana district in partnership with the Free State Department of Education.

In 2013, Kagiso Trust was able to upscale the model with the partnership formed between Kagiso Trust and the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation (CRF) to form the Kagiso Shanduka Trust (KST). KST began to implement the DWSDP, in partnership with the Free State Department of Education, in 247 schools in the Fezile Dabi and Motheo districts.

Eric Molobi Scholarship Programme

The Eric Molobi Scholarship Programme (EMSP) launched the Kagiso Trust Alumni Programme during its 10th Anniversary celebration in 2017. The Alumni Programme seeks to connect previous EMSP/Kagiso Trust Bursary beneficiaries with current recipients. We want to inculcate the spirit of ploughing back and paying it forward. Alumni can give back through various ways, from mentorship to employment.

The EMSP was established in 2007 for learners from the rural and/or disadvantaged schools affiliated with the Trust’s Beyers Naude Schools Development Programme. We looked at fields of study and work that lacked the participation of young black professionals in the market, and these opportunities were found within the engineering and commerce sectors.

Kagiso Trust Bursary Programme

In line with Kagiso Trust’s mandate of overcoming poverty and creating social impact, the Alumni Network was launched. The aim is for recipients to add value to society through leadership and by becoming economically active participants, as well as acting as change agents in their families and communities.

The Alumni Network is constituted by Kagiso Trust’s bursary Alumni and Eric Molobi Scholarship Programme (EMSP) graduates. It is envisaged that the Network will serve as a platform for the Alumni to influence as well as add to the experience of prospective and current EMSP learners. By so doing, the platform will create an opportunity for KT to contribute towards the development of industry networks and will help foster mutually beneficial relationships between graduates and the larger Kagiso Trust ecosystem.