Education Conversations

The Education Conversations, hosted in partnership with the University of Johannesburg’s (UJ’s) Faculty of Education, were established in 2012 as a platform for education stakeholders and society at large, to engage on issues critical to education reform.

Each year we host and facilitate dialogue sessions to discuss the state of our education system and unpack sustainable solutions to improve it. Working together with University of Johannesburg, the outcomes of the dialogue sessions are submitted to the Department of Basic Education for consideration.

Some of the topics that we have covered:

  • Education in a multilingual society
  • 20 Years on: A closer look at The Role of SGBs in School Governance
  • Matric results 2013 in retrospect
  • What are the basics resources necessary for a school to be successful?
  • The State of our Education System
  • Education an essential service? What will government do differently?
  • Has society abdicated its responsibility towards education?
  • How have unions responded to the shifts in the teaching profession?
  • Evaluating and incentivising educator performance

The role of youth involvement in the Education Conversations directly impacts, not only sustainability of the events, but the education system as a whole.

These future educators, practitioners and public servants have shared their varying views of South Africa’s education and proposed ways to improve and structure our education initiatives.

The robust engagements with the students, who are not limited to UJ, have shown us that given a chance, our youth are more than capable of making South Africa a better place for all.

Kagiso Trust and UJ produced the Our Vision for South Africa booklet (also known as the Visions Booklet) for the Education Conversations, which discussed the vision people had for South Africa’s education system. The booklet was developed with 90% content made up of student contributions.

Education Conversations 2019 event