While implementing our District Whole Schools Development Programme (DWSDP), one of the lessons learned included the identification of cumulative gaps amongst our learners.

Our interventions need to start at Early Childhood Development (ECD) phase through coordination to ensure that all the learning outcomes, class appropriate competencies and early childhood cognitive development is built early. By making the investment in ECD, we are more likely to observe long-term economic impact and benefit when learners reach foundation phase in the education pipeline.

Our ECD Model

1. Governanc

Currently, ECD centres – especially community-based centres – face a crisis of management and leadership, brought about by managers’ limited capacity. Most centres are not registered, and therefore do not adhere to compliance and skills development requirements.

2. Practitioner Development

Practitioner Development employ accredited, reputable service providers. Equip practitioners with knowledge and skills to interact with children, especially those with special needs.

3. Resource and Material

Provide appropriate teaching and learning material.

4. Infrastructure

Improve infrastructure to enhance the general learning environment.

5. Parental involvement in ECD

Help parents understand the value of early learning and encourage their involvement in this stage of their children’s education.