institutional Capacity Building

Our capacity building programmes unlock the potential of communities, government and non-governmental organisations through skills development, financial support and the implementation of sustainable models. To achieve this we have set up the Kagiso Trust Consultancy and the NGO Leveraging Fund.

  • Society: The wider society within which individuals and organisations function
  • Organisations: The internal policies, systems and strategies that enable an organization to operate and to achieve its goals
  • Individuals: The skills and knowledge vested in individuals, communities and groups
Local Government Support

Our local government solution aims to provide municipalities with the ability to use different sets of data as a tool to improve the overall functionality of municipalities, which will inevitably benefit the indigent of our communities.

The Kagiso Data Optimization System (K” DOS”) assists municipalities invalidating municipal customer data through an online web interface. The “K’DOS” tool provides indigent and revenue management staff with access to integrated customer data that allows them to better profile customers and deal with them accordingly.

Civil Society

Founded in 2011, Kagiso Trust’s (KT) Leverage Fund was established to support non-government organisations (NGOs) with funding using a match funding approach. NGOs often face many challenges to carry out much-needed programmes and projects at a community level. In 2017, Kagiso Trust sought to refine its civil society programmes to play a more meaningful role in the sustainability of NGOs.

Kagiso Trust’s civil society programmes will be extended beyond the Leverage Fund to approach civil society more holistically. The programme will also streamline supported NGOs to KT’s four pillars: education development, socio-economic development, institutional capacity building and financial sustainability.