Mr. Hylton I. Appelbaum is deeply involved in community development, socio-economic development, welfare and education in South Africa. He serves on the boards of many welfare and development organisations. He serves as a Trustee of Kagiso Trust, Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, the National Business Initiative, the Donald Gordon Foundation, Helen Suzman Foundation and Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust.

Mr. Appelbaum is Chairman of Mindset Network and its subsidiaries. He is committed to improving education in South Africa and has for more than two decades worked to this end. He has been a pioneer in the use of various media in the production and delivery of educational materials.

Mr. Appelbaum has been Non-Executive Director of Liberty Group Ltd. He serves as a Non-Executive Director at Kagiso Media Ltd, Kagiso Capital, Freeplay Holdings of Freeplay Energy Plc. and serves as Director of DeMorgenzon Wine Estate. He also serves as a Director of The Synergos Institute Incorporated and Education Interactive Incorporated. He serves as Executive Trustee of Liberty Foundation and Liberty Educational Foundation.