Our History

Kagiso Trust (KT) was founded in 1985 during a period of intense struggle in South Africa. During this tumultuous time, we strongly opposed apartheid by providing support to development institutions and initiatives across a range of sectors.

After 1994 we broadened our social vision through the establishment of Kagiso Trust Investments and for the next decade focused on uplifting our communities through targeted education and enterprise development programmes. In 2005, we secured our financial stability through a series of strategic investments and partnerships that strengthened and expanded our capacities to develop people and communities.

Kagiso Trust is one of South Africa’s leading development agencies, working towards a prosperous, peaceful, equitable and just society.

We work to overcome poverty by developing and implementing scalable, replicable, sustainable development programme models in the areas of education development, institutional capacity building, socio-economic development and financial sustainability.

Over the past 35 years we have invested over R2 billion in development and implemented over 1,831 programmes.

Our Timeline

1985 Kagiso Trust is born

1985 – 1997 Funding

Funded by the European Union – a total of R1,2 billion accumulated and disbursed.

1990s: A Time for Change

The programmatic approach of Kagiso Trust is scaled down

1993 KTI

KT sets up Kagiso Trust Investments (KTI)


KT launches the Kagiso Trust Enterprises Rural Private Fund (KERPEF)

2004 Beyers Naude Schools Development Programme

KT launches the Beyers Naude Schools Development Programme (BNSDP) in Limpopo

2004 Beyers Naude Memorial Lecture Series

KT launches the Beyers Naude Memorial Lecture (BNML) series

2005 FirstRand Group

KT acquires a 2% share of the FirstRand Group

2007 Eric Molobi Scholarship Programme

KT launches the Eric Molobi Scholarship Programme (EMSP)

2011 KTH

KTI merges with the Tiso Group to form KTH

2011 Kagiso Trust Leverage Development Fund

The Kagiso Trust Leverage Development Fund (KTLDF) is launched

2012 Bold Step Campaign

The Bold Step campaign is launched

2012 Kagiso Africa Investments

Kagiso Africa Investments (KAI) is launched

2012 Education Conversations

Education Conversations is launched

2013 KST

Kagiso Shanduka Trust (KST) is formed

2015 Kagiso Capital

Kagiso Capital is formed

2015 30th Anniversary

Kagiso Trust celebrates its 30th anniversary

2015 Kagiso Trust’s New Logo

Kagiso Trust launches a new logo to celebrate its new direction

2019 Limpopo Launch

Kagiso Trust launches the BNSDP programme in Limpopo