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Kagiso Trust is one of South Africa’s leading development agencies working towards a prosperous, peaceful, equitable and just society. We work to overcome poverty by developing and implementing scalable, replicable, sustainable development programme models in the areas of education development, institutional capacity building, socio-economic development and financial sustainability.

Over the past 30 years, we have invested over R2 billion in development and implemented over 1,831 programmes.

Education Development

Our approach to education is to develop models and provide interventions through our programmes throughout the entire education pipeline to increase learner throughput in the education system.

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Socio-Economic Development

The Socio-Economic Development (SED) programme will be investing and promoting small black businesses in the agriculture and property sector.

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Institutional Capacity Building

Our institutional capacity building programmes unlock the potential of communities, government and NGOs through skills development, financial support and the implementation of sustainable models.

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Financial Sustainability

Our financial sustainability framework is intended on ensuring a continual balance between asset growth and programme spend, working towards achieving our vision of overcoming poverty.

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