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Lwamondo’s 50th Anniversary – Celebrating Continued Performance

Situated in the village of Mathule in Limpopo, Lwamondo High School (Lwamondo) is one of the reasons that Kagiso Trust (KT, the Trust) continues to be heavily invested in education development. Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the school boasts a consistent matric performance.

“From the year Kagiso Trust started training the teachers, the school results have always been above 80%”, shared the school’s principal T.S Tshubwana.

The school was supported by Kagiso Trust in 2006 as part of the Trust’s Beyers Naudé Schools Development Programme (BNSDP) pilot in Limpopo. During the BNSDP implementation, all educators were taken on a retreat which afforded the school’s staff time to reflect and commit to a new way of doing things to realise an improved school.

Following the achievement of positive grade 12 results, Lwamondo High School was awarded a Computer Centre and their Science Laboratory refurbished by Kagiso Trust as an incentive.

“Through the [computer] laboratory learners were exposed to the computers and learnt how to operate a computer,” said Tshubwana. “The school trains the surrounding communities to acquire computer skills at a discounted price”. Twelve years later and the school continues to be a top performer and champion in its community.

Lwamondo High School is not without its challenges. Foremost is the need for infrastructure such as classrooms and a hall. Desks are a huge setback as learners have nowhere to sit during lessons.

“The quality of school infrastructure has a deep impact on learning and teacher performance. School infrastructure is, therefore, a very important component in ensuring successful education, in particular in rural and disadvantaged communities,” said Mankodi Moitse, Kagiso Trust Chief Executive Officer.

On 27 August the Kagiso Trust team, led by Moitse, visited Lwamondo High School to hand over a cheque for R250 000.00 to the school.

“We hope that this modest contribution will help to jump-start the 50th celebration and the purchase of much-needed school desks” Moitse stated. “This gesture seeks to encourage the school to continue performing well for the next 50 years and many more years after that.


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