The Kagiso Trust Consultancy (KTC) is a development planning and facilitation arm of Kagiso Trust which has over the last couple of years gained traction in the consultancy space, particularly in local government. The consultancy aims to provide a wide range of specialist services in support of development planning and management.

The aims of the consultancy are to promote integrated and sustainable development, facilitate and participate in the process of reducing poverty and socio-economic inequality, and to promote institutional strengthening, capacity building and human resources development.

K’DOS: Our data and revenue management tool

To deliver an effective solution to municipalities, KTC developed the Kagiso Data Optimization System (K’DOS), a web enabled product that would provide municipalities with easy access to relevant data. The Gauteng province put for tender a data and debt resolution solution for the Top 5 000 business debtors in the province in October 2015, KTC tendered for the work and were appointed in November 2015. This is a significant breakthrough for KTC and provides KTC with the opportunity to make a difference in all municipalities in Gauteng.

It is anticipated that the initial project focus on the Top 5 000 Business debtors will be extended to all municipal debtors in the province. This will ensure that municipal customer databases are effectively remediated and maintained going forward. Ongoing access to meaningful K’DOS data and a prudent data management strategy will ensure that municipalities have the ability to continually maintain their customer data and continue to improve their billing integrity and revenue collection.

Financial benefits of effective revenue management:

  • Accurate customer database
  • Accurate billing
  • Accurate Indigent register
  • Improved income
  • Debt reduction
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Efficient and sustainable service delivery
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