Kagiso Trust

Through KERPEF we invest in SMMEs based in rural communities that have the potential to create jobs, transfer skills and create wealth for community members.

We do this by enabling businesses to gain access to the value chain, providing them with integrated platforms, and facilitating economic and market opportunities.

In 2015, KERPEF partnered with the South African Franchise Warehouse (SAFW) to help identify potential black franchisees who needed to be funded in the franchise sector. To date, KERPEF has invested R11.5 million in supporting franchise opportunities for black entrepreneurs.

Beyond assessing the viability of the business, KERPEF looks at:

  • Linking the entrepreneur to a technical partner who, where possible, holds an equity stake in the business. This technical partner must link the business to management and marketing services.
  • Securing a seat on the board by holding a minimum equity stake in the entrepreneur’s business. We do this to monitor the investment that will be sold on exit back to staff, the entrepreneur or a third party. This intervention helps us to have our finger on the pulse of the business and to continually identify and diagnose potential gaps and risks.