“We have a purpose, and that is Kagiso has to outgrow us as individuals. Years from now, when we are qualified ancestors, it must still be here. It must still be serving people.” Eric Molobi

Our impact to date

Kagiso Trust

Kagiso Trust’s bursary programme is named after our late CEO, Eric Molobi. Deeply committed to the objectives of the Trust, Eric played a pivotal role in promoting and supporting social development, particularly amongst the poverty stricken rural youth.

Kagiso Trust

The goal of the Eric Molobi Scholarship Programme (EMSP) is to create a viable, vibrant network of young leaders in the business and engineering sectors by supporting students as they advance their education.

EMSP students are carefully selected from rural and/or disadvantaged schools affiliated to the Beyers Naudé Schools Development Programme.

Kagiso Trust then funds the selected students during a three to four year degree, with our investment financing university tuition fees, books, educational equipment, accommodation, transport, administrative and management expenses.  Our students are also given the opportunity to take up internships and work experiences within the Kagiso Trust group of companies during their undergraduate studies.

Over the next five years we will be opening up the programme to fund scholars from a variety of careers as well as increasing placements for internships and in-service training.

EMSP learners must demonstrate:

  • Strong leadership ability either in their community or school.
  • A strong sense of character, including ethics, integrity and humility.
  • That they have lived with or overcome severe personal challenges.
  • Commitment to spend university holidays and summer breaks participating in volunteering programmes that give back to their community.
  • Proof of South African citizenship.
  • Proof of provisional university acceptance.

An EMSP Success Story

Name:                       Nothile Jiyane

Matriculated:       Mpumelelo Secondary School, Mpumalanga, 2008

Graduated:        University of Pretoria, BCom Financial Management Sciences, 2012

Employment:        Finance Intern, Kagiso Trust (2014 – 2015)

Finance Administrator, Kagiso Trust (2016 – )

Take us through your life as a grade 12 learner: what was going on in your life, both at home and at school?

I grew up staying with my mother, grandmother, my aunt and her two children. I was raised to be respectful and because my mother was the breadwinner, my grandmother took care of me. I was quite a shy child who enjoyed being indoors and I paid a lot of attention to my academic work. As a result, I was an outstanding pupil and every year I would receive merit certificates. When I was in matric my little sister was born, so that was a highlight.

Relay the story of how it was when you heard the good news that you were going to be part of the programme.

I had applied to the University of Pretoria and was accepted. I received a call from Kagiso Trust saying that I was to attend an interview for the Eric Molobi Scholarship Programme. My mother accompanied me to the interview. The Programme was explained and how it would cater for everything I needed while at university, including food, textbooks and a monthly stipend. We were so happy; it was a dream come true. I no longer needed to worry about the payment of tertiary fees.

What plans did you have on what you’d do following graduation and what actually happened?

During our matric dance there was a spokesperson who told us that we’ll be the ones who will put cheese on the table at home. I realised that I will be that change in my family. I had plans to work once I graduated and before graduation I received assistance from a student advisor from REAP (EMSP student support service provider). She assisted with the writing of my CV and cover letter and they were sent to Kagiso Trust. I then got the news that I had received the Finance Intern position.

How has KT helped you?

Kagiso Trust has helped take me out of a struggle; from having nothing to owning a degree.

What are you taking away from that?

The experience has been wonderful. I have learnt to not let my situation define me. Anything is possible!